British Labour meets Dutch Labour

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British Labour meets Dutch Labour

Progressive Politics in the New Hard Times

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At a special conference on Saturday, September 12, The British Labour Party will announce who will be their next leader. The big question that remains is whether the leadership race will end the post-electoral debate about the course and character of the British Labour Party, or whether it will even intensify this debate.

Progressive centre-left parties such as the Dutch PvdA and the UK Labour party are fighting to redefine their political identities and policy proposals for the 21st century. This fight for a new impulse takes place against a backdrop of rising political fragmentation, with challenger parties on the left and the right extracting voters. These processes have created a growing antagonism towards ‘globalisation’ and ‘Europeanisation’, and new economical, social and cultural divides. Growing anti-political, anti-governmental and anti-taxation attitudes are fostering the center right, and weakening the center-left.

During this event a debate will take place about how the centre-left should (re)position itself in light of major structural trends in our economies, having resulted largely from technological change and globalisation. How can the centre-left find a unifying, compelling and visionary story to tell, that focuses on economic and social modernisation and improvement while simultaneously closing the gap between the winners and losers of globalisation, and the younger and older generations?

Chuka Umunna, Labour MP and UK shadow business secretary
Lodewijk Asscher, deputy prime minister of the Netherlands and minister of social affairs and employment
Other speakers to be announced.

Introduction:  Roger Liddle (House of Lords / Policy Network)

Presentation/moderation: to be announced

For further information: René Cuperus, Wiardi Beckman Stichting (
Tickets for the Podium can be bought via the website of De Balie

This evening is co-produced by Policy Network, Wiardi Beckman Stichting en De Balie.